Stop, Thief!

Bad Advice on Employee Theft Cases for Small Businesses

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article, “Stop, Thief!” in a special section for small businesses.

I read this short article about what small businesses should do when an employee commits a theft and is caught, and then I re-read it again because I wasn’t sure I read any good advice.

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Armed Security Officer

Arming Private Security Officers: Failures and Responsibilities

By Jeffrey Hawkins

The issue of armed private security personnel and their level of training and oversight has long been an issue discussed within the physical security industry. On Dec. 10 the issue sparked mainstream attention when CNN released its report: Armed guards lack training and oversight -- with deadly consequences. This year-long investigation examined licensing and training standards of armed guards in the United States.

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Stock pic students running blurred

Mixed Messages During A Violent School Incident

By Jeffrey Hawkins

We witnessed another rapidly escalating violent confrontation in one of our schools this week when a high school student attacked a security officer, school staff, and fellow students with two knives, leaving 21 people injured, two critically.

Fortunately, as of this writing, no one has died. However, the injuries and trauma experienced by those involved  will impact them, and their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

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The Stages of Planning and Securing Large-Scale Events

By Matt Loux
Faculty Member, Security Management at American Military University

Large international events such as the 2014 World Cup in Sao Paolo, Brazil cause a myriad of security concerns. The World Cup security plan is set to include about 170,000 security members with a cost of nearly $800 million dollars. In planning for such events, we cannot forget the Munich 1972 and Atlanta 1996 Olympic tragedies and the ongoing risks of terrorist attacks.

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Don Meyerhoff

Private Security and the Need to Protect Publicly Accessible Spaces

By Don Meyerhoff
Professor, School of Public Service and Health at American Military University

With the advent of more high-profile terrorist attacks against private citizenry in publicly accessible spaces, the message of increased interest in “soft-target” selection should be obvious. Unfortunately, we are witnessing the attempted and successful attack types that were once more predominate in “other” parts of the world.

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